Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 posts

5 posts is all I could muster... WOW.. In all those weeks I managed to blog a zillion times on myadoptiongeography, but only 5 times here. Oh well. A bit frenzied and fixated on mainly one thing right now I guess. Anyway the result of my weeks of trying to lose weight??? Well I only "tried" up until about three weeks ago. Then I pretty much let my guard down. Well i managed to lose 20 pounds. Which hopefully is enough to get at least 3rd place. 1/4 of the pot and a massage. Will post when I know for sure...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long time between posts

SO the Healthy Weigh Biggest Loser contest is well under weigh!! I got a reprieve for 3 solid weeks. First our coordinater/judge/ fitness program manger here at duPont had a bit of a scare and went in to preterm labor. YIKES. So we had the week off. No weigh ins that week. Let me see that would have been the week of Thanksgiving... ( My first thought after being concerned for her health was I WANT PIZZA) So I had Pizza. I did not completely go crazy that week. I ate a good Thanksgovong meal in moderation. Then week two I spend in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan visiting my hopefully soon to be daughter. Again I did not go crazy but I enjoyed the bakery goods, and lagman, and beshbarmak and all the local Kyrgyz foods. Then we are on to this week! I made an extra grand effort over this last weekend to watch everything I was eating. Had lots of yogurt and granola and hit the wii, the wii fit, the dance revolution, and the healthy weigh gym extra hard for a few days... And drum roll please... I am down another 5 pounds. YEAH!!!!!!! Currently I am sitting at the number 2 spot on this Biggest Loser Contest. We have another 6 weeks. I will need to step up the exercise as the next two weeks are full of holiday good foods!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day One

So at a very unscrupulous weight of well above 200 pounds I am off to a weight loss marathon.

Excercise today consisted of cleaning a measly 1/4 of a stall... Hopefully off for a walk later.

Ingested- Mango juice 4 oz
Water 20 oz

2 handfuls of pecans
Rice 1 cup 380 caleries
chicken 1 oz

More water

Week One Day One The Beginning

So here at Alfred I. duPont hospital for children we have a fitness room. Aptly named Healthy Weigh. The fitness manager decided to put on a Biggest Loser contest. (Right before the holidays how unfair is that!!!) Any way. Have done this before... Know how it works. ANd could use the extra cash. I originally thought it was a much bigger pot though. I thought the original paperwork said $25 per person. Today I paid $15. Quite a significant difference. But hey anything is better then nothing.

So I weighed in with Lauren this am.... and as my new wii fit board put it "uh oh" That scale is definitely tipped. Not going to reveal my actual weight but I will keep track of the losses as we go along. Maybe I will even sneak in an awful photo here just to remind myself how Awful I look right now. And feel!!!